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Our dedicated team offers graphic designing, SEO (search engine optimization), software development, eCommerce solutions, web designing and development and maintenance services..

Web Designs & Development

Having a well-designed website helps to win the trust of clients by creating a really good impact on them. We design websites that will help to stand apart from your competitors.You can have your own attractive Website Design and Development with us which will help to create a brand identity.

School Software

We can help you with Software Development for your school management to boost productivity while saving natural resources as well.

SEO Services

To get the attention of people online, good rank on search engines like Yahoo and Google, you need Search Engine Optimization services which we provide our customers with.

Social Media Marketing

It’s the easiest possible way to reach people. Pretrendy Solutions help to promote services and products through social media platforms.

Web Design


We are Expert in Website Design Website Development,Graphics Design,E-Commerce.

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Our Services

Our web design looks great across all devices and customized services helped us to make a mark in the industry.

Easy to Customize

When it comes to sharing information through websites, navigation is really important. We use modern navigation to help users move seamlessly across the pages. Utility and usability helps to ensure success of a website. Our dedicated team develops custom features for database requirements and business websites depending on the need of our client.


Our comprehensive web-development services help to build and operate ecommerce business module. Take advantage of our affordable fully managed ecommerce solutions. Pre Trendy Solution team provide with digital marketing strategy helping you to take the lead in ecommerce industry.

Client Satisfaction

We have been chosen as offshore website design and development partner by companies throughout the world. We have achieved this feat because of the advantages we provide,Exceptional solutions at effective price,Futuristic thinking paired with oriented innovation,1 year free technical support,Custom design and programming.

Fully Responsive

A responsive website helps to dominate smartphones, tablets and desktops. We design website which is responsive so that customers can enjoy better impact and reach.

SEO Optimized

If you want to enjoy more traffic, Search Engine Optimization is all you need. Our SEO services will help to rank higher and generate more traffic.

Modern Design

Captivating customized designs often comes at a great price. Here in PreTrendy Solutions we try to offer design and development services at affordable price.


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Mr. Janos Vizi


Hi, just wanted to make this video quickly about my experience with Pretrendy. Okey, so..basically I was in need for a website coming up very very fast. Probably, I kept them about......

Mr. Adam Elhifny


What’s up, guys? There is a quick shoutout to the Pretrendy. They helped me with all my virtual assistance needs...

Mr. Ryan McDonald

Creative Media Solution


Hey, guys. My name is Ryan McDonald. I am the agency owner of Creative Media Solution located here in Central Canada. I just want to give a huge shoutout for second of Pretrendy and the team for building me an exceptional website for one of my clients...



Hi, my name is Thomas Maze. I own a hedge fund business as well as an affiliate marketing business. I don't like to go business. I just wanna give a shout out to Sonai, he is been super helpful with...


Create Your Own Attractive Website Design.Website Development.Graphics Design.E-Commerce.



Angular is a TypeScript-based web application framwork...


Easy to use, Write Less, Do More...


JavaScript is heigh-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm.


MySQl Cluster enables users to meet the database of next generation web services


Node.js offers an Easy Scalability and Single Programming Language


PHP is a sever side scripting language that is especially suited to web deveolpment


WordPress is open-source content management system written in PHP


Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development

About Us

We are being preferred by companies worldwide for our customized services.

Web Development

Why Choose Us ?

Pretrendy Solution can offer the best when it comes to customized design and programming. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We assure the delivery of fully responsive business website within given time. We offer :-

  • Creative and Appealing Designs.
  • E-mail attachments base customization.
  • One month of free maintenance after website launching.
  • A Dedicated and Hardworking Team Providing 24*7 Support.
  • Quickest website launching strategy.
  • Good relationship and communication.
  • Best logo for your company.
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SEO Pricing Table

Want your website to rank high? SEO services are your solution and at Pretrendy Solution we provide quality SEO optimisation services at reasonable prices.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Support
  • Image & Video Marketing
  • No. of Image Posts-10
  • Paid Ads $20
  • Google Paid Ads $20
  • SEO 10+ Keyword
  • Content Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Back Linking. Video Submissiom
  • Content Marketing 5 Content
  • Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,
    Instagram, & Youtube Posts
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  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Support
  • Image & Video Marketing
  • No. of Image Posts-20
  • Facebook Paid Ads $35
  • Google Paid Ads $35
  • SEO 15+ Keyword
  • Content Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Back Linking. Video Submissiom
  • Content Marketing 5 Content
  • Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,
    Instagram, & Youtube Posts
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  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Support
  • Image & Video Marketing
  • No. of Image Posts-30
  • Facebook Paid Ads $100
  • Google Paid Ads $100
  • SEO 20+ Keyword
  • Content Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Back Linking. Video Submissiom
  • Content Marketing 5 Content
  • Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,
    Instagram, & Youtube Posts
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Our Process

Our team passionately strives to deliver solutions along with maintenance services within given time frame.














Pretrendy Solution offers web designing & development, software development, graphic designing,
search engine optimization, eCommerce solutions and maintenance services.

Our Skills


Our History

We started the firm with professionals with a target of providing the best kind of service to the customers. Pretrendy Solution, basically a web design company is based in Kolkata, India.

With the help of InDesign, illustrator, Photoshop and core draw tools to design banners, logo, flyers, template and brochures.

In this short period of time Kolkata based web designing company Pretrendy Solution made a great Mark in the industry. Our businesses touched new heights with the rising number of satisfied clients.

We made this possible with the help of quality service at a comfortable price and by delivering projects within deadline.

Our services like SEO optimisation, School software, web designing and social media marketing comes at an affordable price which helped our clients to grow their business.

Not only domestic we have quite a few overseas clients with whom we work close.

In 2020 we are in the pandemic. Our all employees are doing work from home. But we are still working. Our all employees are working so hard to provide the best services to our clients and make them satisfied. The market has been changed a lot but our digital marketing team is nailing it as usual. So, we are able to get with it and in the first six months of 2020, we completed and launched almost 20+ websites.

Revenues in the IT sector increased by 2.3% to $194 billion in 2020–21. According to NASSCOM's annual strategy review for 2021–2022, the sector gained 4.5 lakh new jobs, bringing the total number of direct employees to 50 lakh. Women now make up over 18 lakh new employees, or over 44% of all new hires.


We overcome the difficulties presented by different time zones by developing precise communication standards. Our real-time meetings, which include daily stand-ups, are scheduled in order to keep everyone in the loop and help them plan their days. Our group can choose from a variety of communication methods. The greatest remote management tools are Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Jira, and Microsoft Teams, and we take our clients' choices into account.

By default, our agreement includes provisions for safeguarding the integrity of data and code. In the event that any of these conditions are not followed, our organisation will guarantee their fulfilment and will specify consequences.

Pretrendy's founder stated that the company was "built for retention." We accomplish a fantastic yearly average staff turnover rate of less than 7%.

Pretrendy has been created with staff retention, satisfaction, and motivation in mind. We value success and honour it. Employees at Pretrendy have access to a wide selection of competitive and all-inclusive perks. The Pretrendy staff members participate in a number of "Flexible Benefits Programs" in addition to a competitive compensation package.

Of sure, I say. Our ability to match professionals with your desired profiles is our primary strength. As part of Pretrendy's tried-and-true intake process, our customers define and choose manpower resources with our assistance and consulting. In fact, we employ "on demand" hiring. Pretrendy suggests a shortlist of three excellent options for each profile for committed teams (out of the 10 to 20 screened). Customers tell us that the majority of the short-listed applicants have the qualifications required; yet, it enables them to choose individuals who best fit their cultural background based on in-person interviews. ideal for retaining team members. Before they even join Pretrendy, proposed prospects are ready to work for you as a client.

To bring on a new client or add resources for an existing client, Pretrendy uses an organized, tested approach. Typically, it takes 5 to 8 weeks to assemble a committed team and have them up and running. The customer specifies the human and material resources needed to provide the desired services with Pretrendy's assistance.


Our Working Process Detail


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Our Latest Project Completed & Our Upcomming Project

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We are a forex education and institutional training specialist, offering a range of services that help people learn about and understand the forex market and the opportunities and risks involved within it.

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Forex Council

We Are A Team Of Professional Traders With Years Of Experience In The Forex Market. We Are Committed To Build Our Company To Help New And Experienced Forex Traders To Become Profitable Consistently Every Month Using Our Expertise.

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Calif Chicken Cafe

California Chicken Cafe has been serving LA’s best rotisserie chicken, salads, and wraps since 1991 when the first store opened on Melrose Avenue. Two college friends started California Chicken Cafe with the vision of a quick service restaurant with great value and delicious food.

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Renas organic

Welcome! I’m Rena Greenberg – International Hay House and McGraw-Hill weight loss author and hospital-based wellness speaker, since 1990. My goal is to help you start to feel healthier and happier, pain-free, with more energy. If you are tired or in pain right now, I’ve been there.

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Art N Tech delivers drawing, design & document 3D models on time. Our expertise team supervises project with immense confidence & execute things ensuring a zero deviation on time & as per approved designs & materials from clients end.

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Nayajamana News Channel

IPC Heart Centre

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi, a multi – faceted young Preventive Cardiologist of Mumbai, is variously described as a missionary in preventive heart care, a chelation expert, EECP Therapist and an activist supporting the movement for non-invasive cardiac treatment.

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Nayajamana News Channel

V Designs

We have created our business due to the massive demand in automotive customisation. Our friends at Vogue Industries have been in the automotive performance upgrade game for a long time and we have seen many of the customers starving for more customisation. So one night, we had an idea.

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Line 204

Line 204 currently offers genuine Hollywood sound stages to the Southern California market with a touch of modern design and southern flare. 204’s main studio campus is located smack dab in the middl’a Hollywood with sound stages, private production offices, and conference rooms with on-site grip, film lighting, and photo equipment that never leaves the facility, allowing us to keep it in tip top shape.

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We offers web designing & development, software development, graphic designing, search engine optimization, eCommerce solutions and maintenance services.

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